Tell County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb:
"Stop playing politics and 
do what's right for Milwaukee County."

Lipscomb Blocked Efforts To Fund Alternatives For The Troubled Lincoln Hills School

The Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake juvenile detention centers are plagued by allegations of, “abuse, child neglect, sexual assault, intimidation of witnesses and victims, strangulation and tampering with public records.” County Executive Abele believes that these failed institutions, located three hours away from Milwaukee, are not the best place for our kids, many of whom have already experienced significant trauma. However, without a local placement option, judges in Milwaukee County have no alternative but to send kids to Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake.


Since taking office, County Executive Chris Abele has worked to reduce the number of kids sent to Lincoln Hills. Chris is working with faith leaders, experts, the ACLU and leaders from both parties to find ways to permanently stop the placement of Milwaukee County youths at Lincoln Hills, but without support from Lipscomb and others on the County Board, those solutions cannot be implemented.


Chairman Lipscomb has repeatedly stalled the process. On three separate occasions, Lipscomb has blocked efforts to fund a local, community-based alternative to Lincoln Hills. Lipscomb’s delay tactics mean more Milwaukee youths are placed at risk and are away from their families and the support they need.


Send the Chairman a message: Tell him to stop playing politics and fund local alternatives to Lincoln Hills.

Sources: County Board File # 17-375; File #17-84 and File #16-505; Journal Sentinel, 12.17.16; Veto Message, 17-375 

Otter-ly Ridiculous...

Lipscomb Picked A Fight With The Zoo!

The state's massive zoo interchange construction project took away much of the public parking at the Milwaukee County Zoo. To help compensate for this loss, the state awarded Milwaukee County millions of dollars that will support a major investment in the Zoo. The planned revitalization at the Zoo, which the county board reviewed in 2014 and has been under construction for more than a year, includes a new otter exhibit complete with a waterfall and underwater views, a new parking lot, entrance, and ticket booth, a new gift shop and concessions, and the first ever beer garden at the Zoo. 


However, without offering a reason why, Chairman Lipscomb and the County Board rejected the Zoo's use of the funds. The new amenities at the Zoo have been on track to open later this year, but unless the Chairman reverses his puzzling decision to reject state funds, the project will be expensively delayed -- and the Zoo and its visitors will suffer.


County Executive Chris Abele supports using the funds as intended. This major renovation will help the Milwaukee County Zoo stay a world-class attraction, without any negative impact on the County's budget. 


Send Theo Lipscomb a message: Tell him to stop playing politics and accept state funds to support the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Source: Veto Message, 17-374 

Lipscomb Is Suing To Slash County Workers' Pay

Milwaukee County has some of the hardest working and most qualified public employees in the country. To attract and maintain this high-quality workforce, we must pay all employees a competitive wage.


Instead of listening to compensation professionals, Chairman Lipscomb wants control to decide how much money certain county employees earn and the ability to slash pay for individual employees at will. Lipscomb sued County Executive Chris Abele for control, but that suit was dismissed after costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. Lipscomb later filed another lawsuit and is now further appealing - without even asking for the rest of the Board for consent.


Chris Abele thinks that rather than waste taxpayer money on expensive lawsuits, we should use funds to pay workers a fair wage. County taxpayers deserve no less than the best and most talented workforce and that's what they have right now. But we're at risk of losing our top employees if we can't offer the security of a competitive salary and a workplace free from the looming threat that the chairman might cut their pay to get political revenge.


Send Theo Lipscomb a message: Tell him to stop playing politics and allow all Milwaukee County workers to be paid fairly for their labor.

Source: County Board File # 17-452